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Κλήρωση Τσικλητηρείων 2008 - Παραλαβή δώρων από Ευελπίδων 2 (Π.Γ.Σ.)

Latest update: 22.07.2008 17:40 +0300

Minos Kyriakou, President of Panellinios A.C. and president of the Hellenic Olympic Committee.

The renowned Track and Field meeting, "Athens Grand Prix Tsiklitiria", celebrates its 11th anniversary of triumphant presence in the world of Classic Athletics.
Since 1988, Panellinios Athletic Club has been organizing the event yearly, and has managed to raise it to international standards.  The exciting performances and amazing world records achieved during the meeting all these years, have promoted our Country's image, marking Greece not only as the birthplace of Classic Athletics, but also as the residence of Track and Field's modern spirit.
Once more, this year, Panellinios A.C. has invited top class athletes, Greeks and foreign, world record holders in all 17 events, to participate in the Grand Prix. Driven by passion and competitive spirit, these famous champions promise to offer us thrilling moments with their fantastic performances.
All of us present on the Olympic Stadium stands, are definitely about to experience unforgettable moments of sports spectacle and will have the chance to cheer and applaud the competitors at these noble games.

The zeal and dedication of the Panellinios A.C. people, who are organizing the "Tsiklitiria" event, further guarantees that this year's meeting too will leave its mark in the history of great sports meetings and will stay in our memory as one more Greek organizational triumph.

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ATHENS, 13 July -- Athens Grand Prix 2008 Start Lists are available.

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ATHENS, 12 July -- Athens Grand Prix 2008 final entry list has been released tonight.

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ATHENS, 10 July -- Athens Grand Prix 2008 provisional entry list has been released today.

Accreditation for Media Now Open
ATHENS, 27 June -- The Accreditation procedure for members of the Press has now begun. Please visit our Press section to register online or download the form. The deadline is 5 July 2008.

Athens Grand Prix "TSIKLITIRIA 2008"
Celebrates 11 Years of S
ATHENS, 25 June -- This year, the Athens Grand Prix Tsiklitiria 2008" celebrates its 11th anniversary - it has been 11 years full of organizational and athletic glories! During these years, the historic meeting, organized by the Panellinios Athletic Club, managed to become the capstone of all Greek sports events, as well as one of the best world meetings, according to the official assessment of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). At a time when all sports fans' interest is undoubtedly focused on the Beijing Olympic Games, the Athens Grand Prix, which will be held on Sunday, July 13th at the Olympic Stadium, will be a kind of general rehearsal for the many great Track and Field champions that are scheduled to attend - only 26 days before the commencement of the greatest athletic festival to be held in the Chinese capital. The program for this year's Grand Prix is comprised of 17 athletic events, 11 for men and 6 for women. Men's events are: 100 m., 200 m., 400 m., 110 m. hurdles, 800 m. 3000 m. steeple, javelin throw, triple jump, long jump, high jump and pole vault. Women will compete in 100 m. 400 m. 800 m. 1500 m., 3000 m. steeple and the javelin throw. The Athens Grand Prix "Tsiklitiria 2008" aspires to keep up the long tradition of wonderful surprises, bringing us amazing records and spectacular performances by the planet's most renowned athletes. It should be reminded that the Athens Grand Prix "Tsiklitiria 2007, ranked 2nd at the official IAAF events ranking,  with a total of 85.706 points, just one place behind the Golden League Brussels meeting, which gathered 86.353 points. The organizers of the "Tsiklitiria 2008" Grand Prix aim to offer this year as well to the Greek fans of the Track and Field games, a high quality event, full of magnificent performances and records, which will once again bring Greece to the center of world sports.


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