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9.000 Athletes, 22 Olympic Competitions

Panellinios Athletic Club was established in 1891 by a team of prominent figures of the Athenian society, headed by John Fokianos. It is one of the best clubs worldwide and has received honours from many international official institutions. On 17th July 1991, at a ceremony that took place at Pnika, Juan Antonio Samaranch, President of the International Olympic Committee, awarded the club with the highest distinction of the International Olympic Committee since Panellinios's Representative, Dimitrios Vikelas, proposed and succeeded in holding the first Olympic Games in Athens.

Panellinios played a leading role in the establishment of the Olympic Games Committee, which had Dimitrios Vikelas as its president. Historical figures of the Hellenic Society presided the Panellinios Athletic Club. In October 1997, Mr. Minos Kyriakou, shipowner and owner of the largest Media Group (Antenna) in Greece, undertook the duties of the club's presidency. Since then all of the club's divisions were upgraded.

The open stadium for track and field events will operate in the next few months. The new indoor track has a length of 156 metres, 6 lanes and areas for jumping events. The facilities of Panellinios occupy an area of 36.000m2, located in the centre of Athens. In its roster are 9.000 athletes in 22 Olympic competitions. The Club employs 100 gymnasts and coaches.

In the athletic history of Greece, Panellinios Athletic Club has trained three Gold Medal Olympic Winners, seven Silver and four Bronze medal Olympic medallists.