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Information System:

Galanis Sports Data was founded in 1984. The company provides computerized coverage of all sports events, while it offers to event organizers all necessary information in various forms and media, such as hard copies, printed material, CD-ROMs, DVDs, electronic updating, closed TV-circuits, TV-inserts, Internet, mobile communication and telephony, etc. The company covers all these events using its own personnel (300 experts all over Greece), hardware and software by in-situ collection of data and results and on-line data processing, management and presentation.
   Over the past 22 years, Galanis Sports Data has gained valuable experience and wide recognition by covering and/or organizing a multitude of various events, at both national and international level.
   Galanis Sports Data also covers all European competition matches for the Greek teams in football, basketball, volleyball, handball and waterpolo matches and has extensive collaboration with all television channels.
   During the course of a typical year over 2500 events are covered in team and individual sports.
   Galanis Sports Data has covered almost all major sports events which have been held in Greece including the 9th European Veterans’ Track & Field Championships (1994), Cosmovolley (1994), Eurovolley (1995), the VI IAFF World Marathon Cup (1995), Eurobasket (1995), Junior’s Mundobasket (1995), WorldBasket (1998), European Men’s Basketball FINAL FOUR (2000), Athens Grand Prix “Tsiklitiria” (since 1998), the 47th Acropolis Rally (2000) and the 2003 World Weightlifting Championships in Vancouver, Canada. On the international scene, the company covered the European Women’s Basketball FINAL FOUR in Sofia, Bulgaria, the European Men’s Basketball FINAL FOUR in Rome, Italy and the National Championships in Football and Basketball in Cyprus.

Accreditation services are provided by Galanis Sports Data, which has developed an application that fully covers the needs of the sports organizers, including circulation studies and maps, and has been used with great success in the European Veterans’ Track & Field Championship, Cosmovolley ‘94, Eurobasket ‘95, Eurovolley ‘96, the Centennial FIVB World Congress, the World Basket Congress, WorldBasket ’98, Euroleague Final Four 2000, and all the Athens Grand Prix Tsiklitiria since 1998.

The Galanis Sports Data company will offer a wide variety of Information Services for the duration of the 2009 Tsiklitiria. The services are geared to organisers, participants, press and spectators of the event, as well as fans worldwide following the competition on TV or through the Internet. Following is a brief breakdown of the services offered:

  • 2009 Tsiklitiria Website
    This website brings together in one place, accessible worldwide through the internet, all information concerning the 2009 Tsiklitiria. It includes real-time, online results as the competition unfolds, breaking news reports and press releases, as well as galleries with still image and video highlights of the competition. Also included are background information on the event and a guide for travellers to Athens, all conveniently brought together in one location. The website will be updated every few minutes to incorporate all the latest developments in Athens.
  • Closed Circuit TV network
    A CCTV network with ten channels will be available on 40 monitors throughout the stadium, including the organisers' and athletes areas, Press Centre & Press Stands.
  • Results Printout Service
    A full printout service for results will be made available by Galanis Sports Data for the duration of the competition. The printouts will be distributed to the accredited press.
  • Intranet
    An Intranet incorporating the Internet version of this website will be set up throughout the competition hall, facilitating organisers and press, who will be able to retrieve all information from one convenient location. The Intranet is available on a network of 25 PCs, hooked up to networked printers in the organisers' areas, the Press Centre and the Press Stands.
  • TV Graphics
    Galanis Sports Data will link up with Antenna TV, the host TV broadcasters, to provide a TV graphics service for viewers domestically and worldwide.
  • Graphics Design & Technical Support
    Galanis Sports Data staff will be on hand throughout the duration of the competition to provide technical support for all Information Technology related matters to organisers and accredited press.
  • Accreditation
    Galanis Sports Data will provide the accreditation service of the 2009 Tsiklitiria, for over 1,000 athletes, organisers, press, VIPs, staff, etc.
  • Production of CD-ROMs
    Results will be made available on CD, together with an off-line version of this website, plus photos and video clips.

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