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The meeting is dedicated to the memory of Constantinos Tsiklitiras, a Panellinios's Athletic Club athlete, who won 4 medals in two consecutive Olympic Games. Constantinos Tsiklitiras was born in 1888 in Pylos of the Peloponnese and became famouse for participating in jumping events.
His height (1.92m) added to his extraordinary performance in high jump and standing long jump.
During the Olympic Games held in London in 1908, he won the silver medal for the standing long jump at 3.33m and the silver medal for the standing high jump at 1.57. Four years later at the Olympic Games held in Stockholm in 1912, he won the gold medal for the standing long jump at 3.37m and third for the standing high jump at 1.60m. Since 1912 he held the best record in the world for the standing long jump at 3.47m.
He died in 1913 at the young age of 25 years. The games dedicated to the memory of Constantinos Tsiklitiras acquired great success during the decade of 1970 as Olympic games winners and athletes with world records competed in these meetings.

This meeting commenced 45 years ago as an international 3-day meeting and nowadays it has evolved into a Grand Prix where world records are achieved such as the one of Asafa Powell in the 100m with an amazing 9.77 in the 2005 edition in Olympic Stadium.

  "TSIKLITIRIA" were first held at the Panathinaikon Stadium in 1963 during 29, 30 and 31 May and were dedicated to the memory of Kostas Tsiklitiras, Olympic Winner of Panellinios A.C.

Those years gave the opportunity to Greek fans to admire in person some of the greatest names of all time in track and field events. Olympic medallists Irina Sewinska (200m) from Poland, Mack Wilkins (discus) from USA, Wladislaw Kozakiewich (pole vault) from Poland, Dwight Stones (high jump) from USA, Al Foyerbach (discus) from USA, Argentina Menis (discus) from Romania were some of the champions of the 70's decade.

Following a nineteen-year interval, "TSIKLITIRIA" was once again held in 1998, by Panellinios A.C., without having lost any of its initial splendour.

Athletes such as Asafa Powell with his amazing world record of 9.77 in the 100m dash in 2005, Maurice Green (100m) holder of the  world record (9.79) in 1999, Kathy Freeman (400m), Kostas Kenteris (200m), Periklis Iakovakis (400m hurdles) , Fani Halkia (400m hurdles) Sergei Boumka (pole vault), Anier Garcia (110m hurdles),  Teresa Marinova (triple jump), Colin Jackson (110m hurdles), Katerina Thanou (100m), Gale Divers (100m), Nourredine Morceli (1.500m.), Sarka Kasparkova (triple jump), Jean Galfione (pole vault), Maxim Tarasov (pole vault), Aki Parviainen (javelin), Kostas Gatsioudis (javelin), Haike Dreschler (long jump), Fiona May (long jump), Ato Boldon (100m.), Frank Frederics (200m), Noah Nieni (1.000m.), Daniel Comen (3.000m.) are some of the athletes who were present the past years in the Grand Prix "TSIKLITIRIA".

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