What follows is the Tsiklitiria '99 Time Table. By clicking on the event name you will be presented with the names and details of the athletes participating in that event. If the event has finished ( those marked with * ) you will also see the performance of the athletes in that event and their final position.

WORLD RECORD (9.79) FROM Maurice GREEN (100m)!!!
See it in RealVideo G2

Tsiklitiria '99 Time Table & Results
Time Track Events Field Events
High Jump (W)*, Standing Long Jump (M)*
18.35 Opening Ceremony
Discus Throw (W)*
Pole Vault (M)*
19.10 100m. 1st Final Heat (M)*
19.20 100m. 2st Final Heat (M)*
Long Jump (M)*
19.35 110m HS 1st Final Heat (M)*
Shot Put (W)*
19.45 110m HS 2st Final Heat (M)*
19.55 3000m SC (M)*
20.15 100m (W)*
Javelin Throw (M)
20.35 100m Stars Final (M)* (WR)
High Jump (M)*
20.50 400m. HS (W)*
21.05 400m HS (M)*
Triple Jump (W)*
21.15 800m. (W)*
21.30 1500m (M)
21.45 200m 1st Final Heat (W)*
21.55 200m 2st Final Heat (W)
22.10 200m 1st Final Heat (M)
22.20 200m 2st Final Heat (M)
22.30 3.000m (M)
22.45 400m Greek Athletes (M)*
22.50 Closing Ceremony

You may also see the results of Tsiklitiria '98 events for men and women by clicking on the appropriate link.

Tsiklitiria '98 Results
Men Women
Track Events Field Events Track Events Field Events
100m. Final Heat 1 Standing Long Jump 100m. High Jump
100m. Final Heat 2 High Jump 200m. Long Jump
100m. Inv. Race Pole Vault 800m. Triple Jump
110m. HS Javelin Throw 5000m. Discus Throw
200m. Final Heat 1

Shot Put
200m. Final Heat 2



3000m ST