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Without any doubt, Frank Fredericks is the athlete, who made his home country, Namibia, known in all the world with his performances and achievements in tracks. He is the sprinter, who in 1996 in Oslo, broke Michael Johnson's series in 200m. race. Frank Fredericks will be present in "Tsiklitiria" Grand Prix, which is going to be held in the 10th of June in the Olympic Stadium, organized by Panellinios A.C.

Despite the fact he is 35 years old (he was born in the 2nd of October 1967), Fredericks after almost two years, returned dynamic in the tracks. In April 13th, he made 9.94, performance which is World's best for this year in 100m. (time, which was also achieved by Montgomery and Crawford)

In Athens, Fredericks is expected to make his first appearance in the 200m. race for this year, event in which he has major performances to display. The Namibian sprinter was second in the event's final in the Olympic Games of Atlanta with time 19.68, in the same race in which the American Michael Johnson won with his amazing 19.32.

1 Fredericks, plays a leading part in Athletics since 1990. The only gold medal he ever won in his carrier is this in the 200m. in the World Championship of Stuttgart in 1993. He was second in the 200m. race in the Barcelona's Olympic Games in 1992 and those of Atlanta in 1996, while in both events was second in the 100m. race. His personal record in 100m. is 9.86 (1996), while in 200m. his record is 19.68 (1996), performance which brought him in the second position of the list with the all time best of the event.