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Address of the President of Panellinios AC,
. Minos X. Kyriakou

The internationally renowned track and field meeting “Athens Grand Prix Tsiklitiria” proudly celebrates its 12th anniversary: twelve years of triumphant presence and continuous action in the world of athletics. 

Panellinios Athletic Club has been organizing the event yearly and in just a short time it has managed to secure a place among the top international meetings with a long tradition in Europe. 

Driven by their passion and love for classical athletics, the organizers of the Athens Grand Prix present each year the world’s top athletes in track and field events. 

The four world records and dozens of top performances achieved at the Athens Grand Prix by Olympic and world champions have made it famous all over the world, so that every July it constitutes one of the most important events of classical athletics in Europe. 

The fine organization and the top athletic performances of “Tsiklitiria” have repeatedly been praised by the most acclaimed international media, as well as by IAAF itself. 

Greek sports fans of all ages will meet again in the Athens Olympic Stadium on Monday 13th July to cheer and applaud the famous champions who promise to offer us thrilling moments with their fantastic performances in all 18 events.

This year’s event in Athens will give additional incentive to the most brilliant stars of athletics to try their best just a few weeks before the most important sporting event of 2009, the 12th World Athletics Championships to be held in the Berlin Olympic Stadium from August 15th to 23rd

Moved by the passion for sport and the spirit of noble emulation, we are looking forward to organizing another excellent Athens Grand Prix. 

Committed to our original vision, we continue with the same enthusiasm and aim at a future of Greek sport which will form a legacy for the younger generation of our country.

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